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Winners ceramic
Address: West Jihua Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City, China Ceramics Industry Headquarters Eastern Block C, 05
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Winners ceramic is a professional production, sales of inkjet rustic tiles company, headquarters is located in Foshan City high-end brands gathering – Foshan city international ceramics sanitary ware. Winners establish the brand at the same time, pay more attention to hige-end product development, brand development” As Changeable As Clouds And Rain”,”Pastoral Scenery”,”Stone Age Image”,”California Coast”,”Senna Sand Stone”,”Years Of Flower Wooden”,”Royan Style”and other series products. In the specification, 300x300mm, 500x500mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm and other models,color variety,complete product specifications. The product combines classical soft elements, the use of ceramic digital inkjet technology and printing terhnology, so that the tiles as Monet brush paintings exhibited by force, spatial, contrast and movement, and the product has high hardness, glaze layer thick, durable wear-resistant practical effect, to overcome the traditional clay brick low firing temperature, easy suction sewage and other problems, the antique brick products to achieve a “ perfect impeccable”.

Winners brand management on adhering to the “ excellent quality, continued beyond “ purposes, in the market adhere to the “ sincere communication, full-service spirit “, and partners work together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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