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Antique brick paving to do so
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Antique brick wall of the ground Shicai popular in recent years, but good products also need good construction methods and construction team to paving satisfactory. Prepare before the Stones, it is necessary to require detailed told construction workers, such as paving the way down loaded mortar joint size, waist, height of the convex line, Huapian position, toilet or kitchen tiles to specify upload and download and floor tiles were affixed to the model, should be considered on downloading tiles size whether there is a match. Again check the room marked on the box with the product of the same color, and size of the work, to avoid blending mixed foot paving. Such as determining the pointing paving, the best before the Stones ready for positioning the cross (or T-) the plastic colloidal particles and in line with the desired color sealant.
Out of the construction paving the pre-construction should Calibrating the ground or wall with cement mortar, to be solidified, then infiltrated with water, let it fully absorbent, coated with a thin layer of white water slurry. The purpose of doing so is to prevent the black cement to penetrate into the glaze through the blank bottom engaging portion so as to affect product color effect. Grout uniform Mayu the brick bottom Putie knocked flat. Should be noted that the number of cement is not better, over 425 numeral cement its contractile force is too large can easily lead to the dry shrinkage of cement after paving product driven deformation arched or even cracking. The Stones after 1 to 1.5 hours, with a damp cloth or wood chips will be adhering to the surface of the tile cement stains thoroughly clean.

In order to better reflect the effect of the use of antique brick decoration within the grid, it is recommended that the wall using 3mm mortar joint, 3mm mortar joint tiles left seam Stones. Furthermore, using the appropriate color sealant for pointing processing better play a finishing touch.

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