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Antique brick tiles also play across the the "poly temperament" debut
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Antique brick tiles in recent years the rise of a new breed, it is different from the polished tiles and tiles, "born" there is an "antique" faces, so people call it "antique tiles. Antique tiles "ancient" is to take the "classical", the meaning of the "quaint", hopes to attract people's attention with classical unique charm. Insiders said that the antique tiles "imitation" is not bother to counterfeit, or to copy, but a pursuit, the pursuit of the kind of natural feel to the home with a simple, elegant temperament. Reproduction antique tiles essence of design is the "natural" reproduction "state of nature".

Living room Stones select patterns and more

According to insiders, the antique brick space to build the ground in the living room, according to their own needs, choose a different paving the way and the suit be required to achieve the ancient taste; tiles or you can use the Wai region segmentation, the different regions divided at a glance, the space is more abundant, contrast formation in the visual space.

It is understood that the antique tiles not only retains the rustic heavy pottery has no shortage the porcelain of delicate moist, high abrasion resistance, comfortable, warm, combined with its most important characteristic is the rich colors different specifications, paving the variety, the more increasingly favored by high-end consumers.

Antifouling waterproof kitchen more easy to clean

According to industry veteran merchant the filth the easiest place in the kitchen, so dirt and easy to clean antique tile is a good choice. The kitchen is home to the most easy to get dirty space, excellent antique brick antifouling and water repellent, so space difficult to pollution, and facilitate the removal of dirt on the surface. Laying process at the same time, you can choose the small size monochrome brick, with a small amount of hand-painted Motif as embellishment, the use of waist as a distinction of color, the style you want to show.

Bathroom highlighting the sense of space

It is understood that the toilet area was not much, but the high daily utilization, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the bathroom decorative style and practicality. Professionals Antique own diverse colors Bathroom With multiple choices, such as Ming-toilet bathroom ventilation, bright lighting, optional rich color or color thick antique tiles; dark closet will have to choose the color bright, such as white matt, beige, etc., so that the overall bright bathroom many, together with a small amount of Motif as embellishment, as the space is divided into the waist with a darker, enhanced three-dimensional space.

The toilet is a daily contact with the water up to the place, and select non-slip tiles is essential. Market, the person in charge, the well-known brands of antique brick has a 100% non-slip performance.

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